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Shots Fired Fox TV

Thursday 9th March the cast from Shots Fired came out for a red carpet and preview of the new Fox TV Series. The show is directed by husband and wife creators/executive producers team Reggie and Gina Bythewood. The show centers around the aftermath of two racially motivated shootings by law enforcement in a small southern town. An all-star cast led by Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, Mack Wilds, and Helen Hunt.


Words by Jebel Jones

All Eye's On Me Trailer

The long awaited 'All Eye's On Me' movie is nearing. The life and times of Tupac Shakur was documented and an epic movie has arrived from his fantastic life. We at Kix have all been big fans of Pac and we're eagerly, patiently and longing for this movie.

360PR Music TV - New what's on show!

360PR Music TV is a online music platform, showcasing local urban music Artists with events and music releases.

360PR presents it's new what's on show which promotes music videos the plushest of holiday destinations, short films and new businesses, that would have an impact on its community and industry. With this first episode we have Barcelona holiday clips and clips from LA also stretch limos and new yacht services.

And clips of collide a the first of a supernatural series, produced by Ninety one productions.

And music from DNG HOODLIFE, GRY see me shine which off The 360PR Presents diamond city strip MIXCD and Slic1 that's the way which.


All tunes are available on iTunes

Heaven's Abandoned movie official trailer

How far would you go to save someone you love...... that you've never met before? Your not even sure she exist!

Movie trailer: Heaven's Abandoned

Writer/Producer: Raxiel Liz


All rights on footage.

Sound track for trailer promo use only.


Contact: Coya R. (Casting & Locations manager)

Facebook: Heavensabandonedmovie

Twitter: Heavensabandoned

Straight Outta Compton Official Red Band Trailer # 1 (2015) @icecube @drdre

Now this is one not to miss. Make sure you got your tickets. Need I say anymore?

Status London | Episode 1 Now LIVE

*8 Entrepreneurs, 1 City, 1 Dream: **#Make it Happen!  *


*Be inspired by 8 upcoming Black British Entrepreneurs as they chase their dreams to make it BIG in the entertainment industry.*



Status London, the highly anticipated new reality series is now officially live on YouTube. The aspirational show which follows a group of London based entertainment entrepreneurs includes the UK’s first Ciroc Boy, one of the baddest female DJs (ever!), an upcoming comedian and radio presenters from the UK's biggest urban radio stations and hopes to inspire youths by taking them behind the scenes of their daily grind.  In the first day of it’s launch the show has already received over 1k views and support via social media from industry influencers and fans alike has been immense. 


Filmed in London, the exciting new web series follows the lives of 8 upcoming entrepreneurs from the UK's entertainment scene - each with their own ideal of success and achievement; with one shared dream - to make it happen. The cast features four of London's hottest upcoming female talents; internationally acclaimed DJ Melody Kane (Supermalt, Nike Town), radio host Amanda Star, national radio personality and DJ, Jade Avia, and dating coach and company Director, Siobhan Copland.  The male cast line-up includes; Mr Play – first UK Cîroc boy and one of the UK’s top promoters/DJ; boxer and personal trainer Sebastian Eubank (son of retired double world champion boxer, Chris Eubank), celebrity make-up artist and photographer Mr Gorgeous, and comedian/Actor, Travis Jay



Producer, Sade Salami (owner of Fresh Strawberry), was motivated to create a show that would showcase the pool of talent she knew existed, but lacked genuine public representation.   Sade commented, “I think it’s important to show three dimensional characters on screen and creating a YouTube series was the best way to explore this notion without being constrained to conventional ideals or labels.”


Status London attempts to challenge the negative portrayals in mainstream shows in its depiction of ordinary young Black Londoners pursuing extraordinary things – showing the real London. Each episode explores different social themes through the narration of cast members in real life scenarios from foundations and the meaning of identity, to relationships and 'the struggle' as experienced on their journeys.    


Welcome to the life of a Dream Chaser. This is Status London. 


Click to watch Episode 1, Season 1 NOW LIVE on YouTube

Waist Deep - Trailer

Tyrese Gibson stars in this action-fueled crime thriller about an ex-con whose life takes a deadly turn when his son is kidnapped. Meagan Good, Larenz Tate and The Game co-star. Look out for our interview coming with Meagan Good.

The Purge

This was another movie that I was quite keen to see after watching the trailer for it. First thoughts were that this would definitely be an interesting watch. Finally got to watch it the other night and I must say, by the end of the film I was highly disappointed.

The plot of the film is basically that in 2022 the United States of America is now a crime free and generally peaceful nation of people, who for a 12 hour period one night a year are allowed to fullfill their most depraved and twisted desires which generally include murder and torture.

As the film progressed closer and closer to the end, the more predictable the film became. I’m the kind of person that likes to be kept on my toes and I feel like this film failed dramatically.

To all the people who end up not seeing this one, all I can say is.. You actually didn't miss much!

Kix-Factor: 5/10


Word by Peter Shippunden

After Earth - Will & Jaden Smith

After much anticipation about seeing this movie I finally got my
chance. After Earth starring Will Smith and son Jaden, is a futuristic
fantasy adventure about a father and son who are the only survivors when
their spaceship is damaged in an asteroid storm and crash lands on a highly
evolved planet Earth. The naive and emotionally scared son soon realises
not only that his dads shoes are allot harder to walk in than he thought,
but that fear is a choice.

The storyline was pretty good with just the right amount of special
effects. Only disappointing factor about this film is that it maybe didn't
go on for as long as it could/should have.

KixFactor: 8/10


Words by Peter Shippunden

Youngers - Comedy Drama

Youngers is a close to home TV series filmed in Peckham which gave young local people the opportunity to attend a
youth charity programme called CYL to work on set and play walk on cameos. This must see
comedy drama has the musical genius of Grime-Pop producer Skitz Beats - Musical Director and Composer for the
Eastenders' online series "E-20" and producer for Grime greats such as Dizzie Rascal, Tempa T and Boy Better Know.
The series stars popular faces such as Hollyoak's very own Calvin Demba, fresh faced actress Shevani Smith who's
credits include Casualty and recent controversial series "My Murder" and Eastenders star Arinze Kene.


Watch the first episode on 4oD on the link below -


Youngers also feature a popular internet comedy called "Man Dem On The Wall" check it out here

If Only - Short Film

IF ONLY is a short film written and directed by Fredi 'KRUGA' Nwaka under his newly formed C.R.I.M.E (Creating Role Models In Media Enterprise). C.R.I.M.E works with ex offenders, gang members and troubled teens and turns their stories into short films. It teaches them all aspects of film making as well as social skills, networking and helps provide them with opportunities to further their careers in media and entertainment. This project was funded by The Big Lottery Awards For All and was made in conjunction with Gridloc Films Ltd. Website is currently under construction and will have more info and exclusive behind the scenes pictures.


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Offender - out 8th August 2012

This cold urban brit flick is one not to be missed. Justice needs to be served at Britain's most notorious young offenders institute.  Where people put thereselves in prision to get justice.


Director: Ron Scalepello
Writer: Paul Van Carter
Stars: Joe Cole, English Frank and Kimberley Nixon