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LDN by Endz taking the streets by storm

ENDZ is an independently run clothing label based in the UK and the company behind the world's first LDN (London) logo. THE LDN BY ENDZ STORY: In 2004, LDN By ENDZ emerged onto the London Hip Hop scene and soon caught the attention of some of the most forward thinking style leaders such as Rodney P. Independently run the label sprang from a desire to create an iconic brand for London by using LDN as an abbreviation for the city in a parody of American baseball caps. Since its inception and with support from many people, the LDN logo has fast become a symbol of recognition for London not only here in the UK but all over the world alike. While the urban music scene has long been aware of LDN by ENDZ, the label is quickly gaining a reputation outside of its usual circles with a number of established and emerging artists across different genres wearing the label. Being the initial spark that lit the flame, ENDZ has created a flag for London and one that others can only try and follow. The LDN logo is a registered trademark in the UK, USA and has worldwide intellectual property rights. LDN by Endz is also kindly agreed to sponsor our #Kixcypher #KixcypherUK2US so look out for LDN featured in our cypher.

To see their range click this link www.ldnbyendz.com and also follow them on instagram www.instagram.com/ldnbyendz

Styled by Style Boxx London

StyleBoxx is a unisex shades and accessories brand which was started last year by owner and freelance fashion stylist  @sianystyle. The shades are a unique mixture of vintage, quirky and urban styles inspired by eras ranging from the 70s to the 90s. From colourful, to clear lenses to all black everything, StyleBoxx has everything covered. The brands aim is to have a variety of different styles to suit everyone, and to keep building its reputation for having the coolest shades around! You can find StyleBoxx on Instagram at @styleboxxlondon and website www.styleboxxlondon.com


PUMA are pleased to announce their newest Ambassadors, UK Hip Hop Duo Krept and Konan and face of the latest PUMA x Footasylum Campaign.

Hailing  from south London, award winning hip hop duo Krept and Konan have risen to fame in a short space of time and are now considered to be at the forefront of UK hip - hop and grime. Their debut album ‘The Long Way Home’ hit the UK album chart at number 2 and the duo have collaborated with artists such as Jeremih and Wiz Khalifa. 



With Krept and Konan constantly pushing and evolving the boundaries of the UK hip hop scene, they're the perfect ambassadors for the PUMA Evolution pack. The collection constantly evolves season on season, taking staple apparel pieces and creating styles that are edgy but relevant. Fresh looks have been created that are steeped in sport but are light and smooth enough to make todays scene. 

Featuring sweat bottoms, hooded tops, sweat shirts and t shirts, the collection includes zipped pockets fused with rubber lining to improve water resistancy as well as improved fits and minimal branding. Using a simple colour palette of neutral tones, the collection can easily be mixed and matched or worn alone, making the Evolution pack an instant wardrobe essential for this winter. 

"I'm a huge fan of the Evo Savannah hooded top as well as the contrasting black and grey colourways throughout the collection" - Konan

PUMA Evolution apparel is now available online and in store.

JD Sports Unveil Exclusive Asics Gel Lyte III Nyte-Lyte Pack

JD Sports have revealed their exclusive Asics Gel Lyte III Nyte-Lyte Pack, which is available to buy online right now.


The Gel Lyte III has been seen at their stores in other colourways, but this new Nyte-Lyte pack of black/white and navy/blue is only available at JD. The video unveiling shows the slick navy/blue and just how perfect it is for standing out in the crowd this autumn. The upper is crafted from textile and mesh with a multitoned midsole and split tongue, and features reflective 3M detailing.


The Gel Lyte III Nyte-Lyte will suit any casual occasion, and are yours in men’s UK sizes 6-13 for £95.

The Non-Negotiables of Street Style

The Ralph Lauren Polo

Few could predict the popularity that the Ralph Lauren polo could have in the rap industry. Everyone from Lil Wayne to T.I have been seen sporting them, and Kanye West was rarely seen without one just a few years ago. In fact, they have become something of an iconic piece, worming their way into rap lyrics.

If you are looking to give your street style a more formal edge,Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts  are an ideal choice. Available from Repertoire Fashion, they will look great with a pair of jeans and trainers for a smart-casual look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour either – if Kanye can rock pink, so can you!


The trainers

Wearing the wrong footwear can jeopardise your whole street style; even with the best clothes in the world, a dated pair of trainers can ruin the look. For an authentic street outfit, go for hi-tops. Favourites of Run-DMC in the 90s, the classic hi-top has seen a revival in recent years and has reaffirmed its status as the ultimate street shoe.

Nike Blazers are a popular choice of hi-top at the moment and are available in a variety of colours. Take a look at the range available from JD Sports  and go for a style that reflects your urban-edge and echoes your personality.


The jeans

Baggy jeans are a trademark of a number of rappers, but they have become quite dated of late. Instead, many of the fashion forward members of the rap community, like style icon Pharrell, are opting for a slim-fit or skinny jean.

For a look that will see you through winter, opt for a mid or dark wash pair of jeans. For an added urban touch, go for distressed denim to really up your street style.

Team Mckenzie Ltd.. present the Legacy Range

The Legacy Range is part one of the Team Mckenzie ltd clothing line which uses Fashion to promote Healthy living, positive thinking and bright ideas. Founded in 2012 by Jermaine McKenzie and Natasha Ricketts, the company idea is inspired by the famous McKenzie boxing family. Brand representatives include:


 ·         Duke McKenzie MBE – Three time world boxing champion

 ·         Clinton McKenzie – European & British Boxing champion

 ·         Leon McKenzie – Ex premier league Football star turned pro boxer

 ·         Jermaine – Recording Artist

 ·         Danny Sutter – MMA Fighter


and many more. I would call or style casual  as its not over the top and suits your TOP SHOP/ RIVER ISLAND Wardrobe. In the next year We want to continue our Legacy and build others, we want to invent the coolest trends & take the company to the highest limits. Ultimately becoming a leading clothing brand in high street & on-line stores enabling us to create jobs and a generation inspired by passionate, positive thinking people. With this life changing concept we hope to develop a inspiring TV show celebrating great achievements so look out for that and upcoming projects such as our POP up shop in shorditch, charity events with MIND & Cancer reserch uk also epic fights from Leon Mckenzie.


Web: www.TeamMckenzie.com

Twitter @TeamMckenzie1

FB: Facebook.com/TeamMckenzieltd

insta @jermainemck

Atong Arjok interview

Kix Mag: Welcome to KIX Magazine, who discovered you?
Atong Arjok: I was discovered at a modelling convention in San Diego by James Charles from LA Models.

Kix Mag: Is the fashion world an aggressive place to work in?
Atong Arjok: The fashion world is fast past. It's aggressive, exhausting, dirty, but if you can go through all of that and still want to stay in the industry then it's a beautiful way to express yourself as an artist.

Kix Mag: What keeps you calm?
Atong Arjok: My family keeps me calm. I get home after shoots or shows and I have to be mom as soon as my toe touches the door. It brings me back to reality and I love it.

Kix Mag: Do you ever burn incense and meditate?
Atong Arjok: I love burning sage, I feel much lighter after I do it.

Kix Mag: What is your faith?
Atong Arjok: I was raised as an Episcopalian but I believe in the universe. There is one creator we can call him/her whatever we want. I just know that there is something bigger than me. I'm a tiny drop in this world that also have
a role to play in bettering humanity.

Kix Mag: Life on Trump management, tell me about it?
Atong Arjok: The team at Trump Management is the most incredible team I have worked with. They have given me so much love and support even when I feel I don't deserve it. They are family to me.

Kix Mag: Do you plan to extend your business territory and expand your empire - e.g, own fashion line, television show and movie appearances, or start a company?
Atong Arjok: I most definitely want my own fashion and cosmetic line. I'm passionate about finding the right foundation for my skin tone and for many that feel like the market doesn't represent them.

Kix Mag: Do you party like a rockstar or prefer to chill?
Atong Arjok: Lol. Sure when I was young and wild, WHAT!! It was work hard and play hard. Can't really do too much of that these days. I got a child and much more responsibilities to be out wilding.

Kix Mag: Are fashion party's as notorious as they are rumoured to be?
Atong Arjok: Let's just say I saw some things.

Kix Mag: Tell me about the cultural life where you grew up. What are the traditions there?
Atong Arjok: This is one of those difficult questions for me. I really didn't grow up in one place. I'm good at adapting to any environment and any culture. Above all I was able to still feel rooted in my Southern Sudanese culture. Which is welcome everyone to your home with open arms and that can be a problem because you never know people motives but I can't seem to shack off that belief.

Kix Mag: Are there any misconceptions about you?
Atong Arjok: People in the street seem to be amazed when I take time to talk to them. So I guess the misconception about me is that I will be stuck up but that is completely way wrong.

Kix Mag: What's your definition of love?
Atong Arjok: "LOVE" makes my heart smile. I believe love is unconditional. It's respect, loyalty, honesty and forgiveness.

Kix Mag: What's your website and Twitter info for people to keep updated on
Atong Arjok: Atong Arjok on twitter and website soon to come.


Words by Joshua Cooper

Monique Lee Millinery interview

'Monique Lee Millinery, Leopard in Jungle mask made for The Animal Ball, Elephant Family. This piece will be exhibited along with masks created by Cartier, Christian Louboutin, DVF - Diane von Furstenberg and many other amazing designers at Selfridges London.'

Kix Mag: Monique, How does it feel to have your designs next to fashion houses
Cartier and DVF etc to be displayed at Selfridges?
'Monique Lee Millinery:
It’s my honour to have my work displayed next to these great designers.
This is why I love England so much. People appreciate and respect creativity, even as a 6 month old brand Monique Lee Millinery gets a chance to show work along with those well established brands. Special thanks to Lucy Franks, Arts Manager of Elephant Family for inviting me to participate in this cool project. It was super fun to make crazy masks and I am really happy that I could help the elephants. Very much looking forward to seeing my masks, Leopard in Jungle and Lion in Savannah being worn by the guests including Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall to the Animal Ball on 9th July.

Kix: I'm looking forward to catching up with you after Ascot for coffee in Canary Warf. Please tell our readers your involvement with Ascot and how it came about?
This is my first year to attend Royal Ascot. I have made a Lollipop themed hat for founder of fashionlollipop.com, Maya Williams. This hat took me two weeks to collect inspirations and another five days to make. I was experimenting with a new way to construct hats. It’s made with three neon colours which were layered and generated nine different visual effect combinations. The massive brim was precisely calculated and made from 16 panels to create a twisted effect. Please say hi to beautiful Maya if you happen to bump into her at Ascot! I will also be attending with my elegant model friend Wei Chiung Lin who will be wearing a yet-to-be revealed massive sculptural hat inspired by Bauhaus and abstract art in metallic copper and peach colours.

Kix: You attended London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, in 2006. What was that experience  like?
In 2004, it was my first time to visit England. I am originally from Taiwan. Those two years spent in London was a fantastic experience. I met so many talented designers and we became very good friends during my study at LCF. Now they’ve established their brands around the world. I am always so

excited to see their new designs and very proud of them. I and one of my talented classmates, Hektor Świtalski, from LCF who is the designer/founder of Hector & Karger are planning to collaborate on a fashion runway show this year, I am very much looking forward to it!

Kix: You helped raise money for the Francis House Children’s Hospice. They help children and young adults with life shortening illnesses in Manchester. Please talk to me about the Francis House Children's Hospice and how people can involve themselves in supporting them?
I read a tweet a few weeks ago about this event and knowing that they are planning a fashion catwalk show to raise fund to help children. So thought I could lend out my hats to show at the event and as well as helping out with the styling. This charity event will be held in Manchester city centre on 20th July 2013, tickets can be purchased via the event Facebook page Fash3 Charity Catwalk. Please come along and support the charity!

Kix: What is the name you gave to the first hat you ever created?
The first hat I made is named (Moonlight Viola). I spent over 10 hours to make it. All hats from Monique Lee Millinery are crafted and trimmed by hand so it takes ages to finish off every single hat. It’s made of colours I used for my final collection at London College of Fashion graduate show. I have always loved delicate migration of dark colours. I guess the inspiration was from Yves Saint Lauren Haute Couture collection in the past as well as the memories of the Inside, Out collection I made at London College of Fashion.

Kix: Would you ever consider creating a hat titled Joshua?
Why not? In my next 2014SS collection (Machine, Human, Science), I will be collaborating with Paul Gough, an expert in wearable technology who used to work for Philips, to create a collection of hats combining cool technologies and digital devices such as GPS, sensors and maybe Google

Glass if I could afford one at the time! I think this would be a great opportunity for me to start making men’s hats!

Kix: What is your favorite perfume?
I am not very loyal to perfumes but I am currently using Valentina Absoluto by VALENTINO. If you get a chance to smell it you could sort of imagine what’s my collection looks like as I love this so much at the moment!

Kix: You obviously worked hard to get to where you are today. What or who kept
you motivated?
The initial idea that made me start making hats was to release stress from teaching and writing up my 70,000 words PhD thesis. Seeing my husband Nicholas (boyfriend at the time and he is also working on a PhD) enjoying playing drums in spare time, I thought I could start making hats in the

evenings. He helps me to block hat bases sometimes as this requires a lot of strength and he is always the first model to try on my glamorous hats!
Haha! He drives me and my hats to exhibit at various places and takes me to shop bits for making hats all the time. I could not have made those hats without his great support and help!

Kix: Where can people find out more about you?
To hire a hat (£30~ £100) or request a one-off special hat made for you, please visit Monique Lee Millinery official website: www.moniqueleemillinery.com or email info@moniqueleemillinery.com to
discuss your ideas!

Please like my brand page on Facebook: Monique Lee Millinery or follow on Twitter @MoniqueLeeHats where you can see how my hats are made, exhibitions info and read more about recent collaboration projects with other cool artists.

If you would like to find out more of inspirations behind my designs,
please follow on Pinterest: Monique Lee

Kix: Finish this sentence - The sun, moon and stars are beautiful because.....?
The sun, moon and stars are beautiful because we can never get close enough

to touch them!

Kix: How do you get your KIX? (pleasures in life)
I love travelling and spent so much time (and money!) doing so and probably will never stop! Seeing random and ordinary things during the journeys gave me endless fresh inspirations. I am passionate on creating hats. It’s always a pleasure to make hats from scratch, blocking, binding, sewing all by my hands to create an art piece and seeing it worn by clients and make them

look pretty. This makes me super happy!

Words by Joshua Cooper

District Roots

Independent U.K. urban clothing brand District Roots have released their latest collection SW13. Following the success of their early releases they have added to their collection as they draw closer to their one year anniversary. District Roots started out with the sole intention of creating designs which people in the U.K. can identify with. Designs which speak to their backgrounds, heritage and love people have for their cities. We intend to expand this motif to a global scale, so that other people from around the world can gain the same sense of feeling and connection to our designs.


Sticking to their motif of 'Being Proud of your District and your Roots,' they have used a lot of simple but bold typography in their latest release. Staying true to their roots their latest shoot was taken in Manchester by Manchester house DJ Koast2Koast. https://www.facebook.com/djkoast2koast

District Roots show no sign of slowing down, this uk urban clothing label are here to stay. Check out their latest collection on-line at


Urban Nerds 2013 Hunter Apparel Range


The Urban Nerds launch their first fashion collection of 2013 with a ‘Hunter’ inspired theme, featuring exclusive printed

t-shirts and beanie hats, all bearing the iconic Nerds logo.


Two limited edition Hunter t-shirts bring the Urban Nerds logo to life with a cammo-inspired digital print. All items are proudly produced in the UK on 100% cotton tees and feature custom label detailing, each comes with an Urban Nerds Hunter sticker pack. The t-shirts are accompanied by some heavyweight limited Hunter Beanie hats, the Urban Nerds very own winter warmer, with soft knitting and custom Urban Nerds London labels, available in black or orange. The last Urban Nerds collection sold out in less than two weeks, so don’t sleep on this one!


Available now from www.urban-nerds.com/store 


Urban Nerds Limited Edition Hunter T-Shirt (black & white) £29.99 inc. postage, packaging & Urban Nerds Hunter Sticker Pack Urban Nerds London Beanie (black & orange) £14.99 inc. postage, packaging & Urban Nerds Hunter Sticker Pack.

Nike Dream Team

Celebrating this years summer of sport with Nike Dream Team collection courtesy of Foot locker Foot locker is proud to announce the arrival of the "Nike Dream Team Collection" in celebration of this year of summer sports. Available from the 22nd July Foot locker stores will feature six silhouettes of the highest calibre known as the "Nike Dream Team Collection" the collection is set to inspire and unite a generation of sports fans and trainer heads.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid '07 High and LowA basketball shoe,a legendary, icon in the sporting world has been victoriously reinterpreted to create an instant classic. Featuring a White leather upper and padded ankle collar which still makes the shoe so recognisable. Available in the unique "Dream Team" colours, trainer heads have the option of both Mid-high and Mid-low designs priced at:

Nike AF1 Mid '07' High £71.99 

Nike AF1 Mid '07' Low £69.99 


Nike Free 2.0 (also known as) Nike Free Run 2.0A serious contender, born on the track, built to run free, applying the latest in technology is the "Nike Free Run 2.0.An innovative inner sleeve providing a snug fit and enhanced breathability also the deep flex grooves along the outsole allowing flexiblity and a natural range of movement yet very stylish.Available in classic Blue/White and White/Black colourways priced at £79.99 


Nike Air MaxLastly we have the Nike Air Max deservedly taking part in the "Dream Team Collection" a trainer that is firmly attached to the trainer record books,splashed with the unique Dream Team colourways yet still managed to maintain the Air Max style.The Air Max is available in Blue/White/Grey and White/Blue/Gold colourways and will be prices at £89.99.  


The Dream Team Collection is set to make its own imprint on a huge summer of sport and athletics and the collectionis currently available at Foot locker stores nationwide NOW!!


Words by Laverne Slimzee

Olympic Adidas Medal Pack

Adidas introduces the "Adidas Medal Pack Collection" this summer courtesy of Foot locker


July and August have been a massive part in the world of sport this year, with the Olympics being hosted in London.

To celebrate this monumental event "Adidas Originals" and "Foot locker" have decided to reveal the new "Medal Pack" collection featuring a winning metallic collection of Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze as well as a collaboration with London's own chart topper Chip AKA Chipmunk, offering an exclusive track to download in store.
From the 22nd of July only exclusively available at Footlocker The "Adidas Medal Pack" features a small collection the silhouettes: 
"The Hard Court", "The LA Trainer II" and the new "Space Diver".
"The Hard Court"
One of the best loved trainers inspired by the skateboard culture. "The Hard Court" features a contemporary upper with a white base and vulcanized tooling, also a huge  logo that runs across the heel of the trainer. The Adidas Hard Court will be available in:
White FTW/Black 1/Metallic Silver and priced at  £74.99

"The LA Trainer II"
The trainer that defines modern day running is this. The silhouette is available in White/Black1/Metallic Silver and features the Vario "plugs" which can be switched up at any time. The LA Trainer II will be available in:
Black 1/Metallic Silver/Running White and priced at £69.99 also
LA Trainer II
White FTW/Black 1/Metallic Silver and also priced at £69.99
"Space Diver"
Completing the collection is the new "Space Diver" which is ready and on the shelves from 12th August,the trainer balances an old skool basketball heritage with street style to create a set of kicks that feature a stylish upper and streamlined Silver metallic detailing.
The Space Diver will be available in:
White FTW/Black 1/Metallic Silver and priced at £71.99
To top it off Adidas and Foot locker are also launching the metallic inspired zip up hoody fit for a summer of sport.
Available in theme of White/Black/Metallic, an addition of Blue/White and Red
replicating the three iconic British colours.
Adidas Medal Pack Apparel will include:
ADI CBlock WB Blue/White/Red priced at £59.99 and 
ADI Olympics CBlock FLC FZ HD

White/Black/Metallic priced at £49.99.


Words by Laverne Slimzee

Maians // Sisto Rejilla Sandal in Navy Blue - £60

Maians use a mix of expert craftsmanship and urban style to create their ranges and a highlight from this season's is the Sisto Rejilla. All the styling a practicality of a classic slip-on but the laces here add the twist.
Please use this link to use when posting - http://www.togsandclogs.com/maians-shoes---sisto-rejilla---navy-blue-12170-p.asp

Heritage Research // Advisor Shirt in Patchwork Cotton - £180

Heritage Research always do a great job sourcing fabrics for their garments but they have excelled themselves here. Woven on vintage looms in Okayama, Japan, this shirt is constructed from 100% cotton in to a patchwork formation. Based on an original military overshirt sillhouette, this blows just about every other Summer shirt out of the water.
Please use this link to use when posting - http://www.togsandclogs.com/heritage-research-shirt---advisor-shirt---patchwork-cotton-3432-p.asp

Humor // Jim Short in Navy Blue - £45

There's lots of colours around this Summer but you can't go wrong with a pair of classic, well cut, well priced shorts. Humor do it best.


For more info see here http://www.togsandclogs.com/humor-short---jim-chino-short---navy-blue-chino-5537-p.asp

Rascals // BD Overshirt in Camo - £90

Rascals don't have any history as they're brand new and one of the coolest and most exciting new brands around. Inspired by Copenhagen's fixed wheel bike culture.


See more info here http://www.togsandclogs.com/rascals-shirt---bd-shirt-overshirt---camo-4336-p.asp

Grenson // William Brogue with Vibram Sole in Navy Blue Suede - £195

An amazing bit of footwear from Grenson - lightweight, comfortable, brilliantly made. Men need to start investing a better footwear.


See more here http://bit.ly/HuDl2m

Available at www.togsandclogs.com

Herschel Supply Company // Varsity Bag in Navy Blue and Red - £70

Herschel make super-cool bags which are practical, durable and look the business. Has a built in laptop compartment and loads of other little pockets.


See more info here http://bit.ly/HWDGQr

Available at www.togsandclogs.com 

Tick Tock with Clicloc Watch!

Clicloc watches are the latest accessories to hit the high streets this spring/summer. These watches have already hit major success being aired on ITV's Lorraine show. Back in the 80's we had something similar on the market which was a snap blacelet which went around the wrist in the same fashion, and now 2011/2012 Clicloc have added a watch to it, which we think is a great idea. Bet they wished they had done that back then. Clicloc watches have been warn by Ashley Walters, Mz Dynamite, Melvin O'Doom, Lauren Hope, Tynchy Stryder and Adam Deacon to name a few. See more here http://www.cliclocwatch.com/celebrity/


Make sure you go and purchase your Clicloc watch here http://cliclocwatch.com

Make Them Yours - Converse X Foot Locker

The Denim Chambray collection is priced from £44.99 to £59.99. For more information, please visit: www.footlocker.co.uk

Just like your favourite jeans, the collaboration between Converse and FootLocker only gets better with time. Available now, the latest collection offers up two versatile sneakers in one staple material: denim. The Padded Collar 2 Denim and Star Reverb Denim are part of a work wear inspired collection that takes modern classics and gives them a designer edge. Taking inspiration from the popular Padded Collar 1, the PC2 Denimintroduces new elements of versatility and innovation with a double upperwhich can either be worn folded down to expose an enlarged logo, or worn up, giving it a classic boot look. A strong aesthetic for any sneaker lover, Converse continues to take your favourite silhouettes and turn them on their heads. Influenced by casual wear the PC2 uses dark navy and black denim with mimic selvedge heel strips and chambray on the collar and rand of the shoes. The Star Reverb Denim takes its influences from iconic Converse basketball sneakers but combines them with a subtle, designer edge. Drawing reference from the traditional ankle lock down feature from past performance shoes, the Star Reverb combines the conventional toe box, eyestay and heel overlays with a classic Converse logo on the tongue. The ultimate in street style, the Star Reverb is complimented by contrast stitching and seams that are found in premium denim, perfect for any sneaker lover that craves a timeless sport shoe with genuine street swagger. Aging gracefully whilst staying true to their original silhouettes, wear your PC2 and Star Reverb Denim kix with pride knowing the more you rock them, the better they will become!

ODF Clothing (One Diverse Fashion)

ODF Clothing (One Diverse Fashion) was created in 2007, with the idea to begin not only a clothing line, but a positive brand of movement for people to identify themselves with.
Year after year, the image of ODF has matured and evolved; yet one thing remains the same- the message of diversity. This brand thrives off positivity within the team and this is projected from the various garments that we have.
Simplicity of the designs has been consistent from the conception of ODF to present day; proving that although our items of clothing are not flamboyant or complex, they still have inherited a classic and eye-catching style.
ODF Clothing has grown and expanded the Spring/Summer range to include contemporary and popular items which have been fuelled by the new emblem. One Diverse Fashion can also be found in Urban Junction, located in Croydon’s Upper Mall, Whitgift Centre.

Twitter - @ODFClothingUK (Follow)

Website - www.odfclothing.com
Blog – www.blog.odfclothing.com
Facebook (Like Page) - http://on.fb.me/xwcLAa

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