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Kadi Kamara interview 2013

Kix Mag:  Can you introduce yourself please?
Kadi Kamara: My name is Iman Kadi Kamara, I am founder and CEO for Disable 
International foundation,Sierra Leone.

Kix Mag: What is it that the Disabled International do?
Kadi: I take care of the disabled people in my country. To empower them by providing them with necessary resources in the local community based on the
concept of inclusiveness. I support disabled people in our society.

Kix Mag: You recently launched your organisation here in London. What was that
day like? (see news coverage
Kadi: I must say that it was very well organised and well attended from the
majority of our community and other state members, all influential members.

Kix Mag: Now your setup in London what is it that your hoping to accomplish?
Kadi: I'm hoping to establish support. Not only financial, but moral and physical. Also ideas and knowledge too. It's a big venture I took in my
country and a big challenge. I'm not getting a lot of support by the
government of Sierra Leone. So I need everybody's support to help me change
their living conditions so that they can live a quality of life for
themselves and their children.

Kix Mag: Why do you think there are so many barriers in Sierra Leone that's making it difficult for your organisation to succeed?
Kadi: Because for a long time these people have been facing a lot of
discrimination, neglect, poverty, lack of an education, lack of
accommodation. There’s a lot of barriers. This is what my organisation
aims to do is to exclude all barriers for disabled people in Sierra Leone
and to eliminate all the discrimination and to include disabled people as
equal in society.

Kix Mag: Do you think that in England those needs are more looked after or are
there improvements to be made here also?
Kadi: Definitely in England it is more improved. In England disabled people are a
priority, in my country, Sierra Leone, disabled people are non- existent.
These people, they really suffer. They sleep in front of shops, women,
pregnant women and children. I'm struggling to change these things on my

Kix Mag: You raise funds for your organisation. How easy is it to do this? Have
you faced many challenges in trying to collect money to support your cause?
Kadi: I never collect money. It's goods. People donate old clothes, old shoe's ,
boots. Sometimes I have to sell things for my transportation. It's not easy
for me to collect money. I have not been getting a lot of money from anyone
at the moment. It was only when I launched here in London, in March, people
pledged but I've not yet received any of the money. They just made pledges.
Though it was well attended I wish some of them would fulfil their pledges.

Kix Mag: What inspired the design of your logo?
Kadi: Our country is meant to be for peace, unity and freedom. These disabled
 people, they need peace, they need unity and they need freedom. They are
not free. They are neglected totally in our country.

Kix Mag: Do you have a favourite flower?
Kadi: My favorite flower is Blueberry

Kix Mag: How do you get your KIX?
Kadi: I get my KIX by going on holiday or going to dicso

Words by Joshua

Mister Jones interview July 2013

Kix Mag: Jones models management, what's the secret to how a modelling company can stay in business and active for over 26 years without failing?
Mister Jones: Every business goes through failures. However, in order to maintain longevity, you have to constantly re-invent yourself, stay on top of trends and be able to make “lemonade out of lemons” every time you receive one.

Kix Mag: Jones Models have worked with Pepsi, Mountain Dew Red, Burger King, Tag Heuer, Toto Washlet, and Playgirl Magazine plus many more. Are these companies easy to get along with?
Mister Jones: That’s only a short list of our clients. Every client is different. I never had any difficulties dealing with major clients. Sometimes a smaller clientnmay be a “pain in the arse” but sometimes you have to account that client’s lack of time in the business for some “difficulties."

Kix Mag: How did you get started in the industry?
Mister Jones: I was a child model and when I was in my late teens, I interned for a record company, a photographer and a modelling agency to gain some behind-the-scenes experience in the fashion industry. Afterwards, I started Jones Model & Talent Management by producing a few fashion shows and a guerilla marketing campaign to both the general populace, as well as to clients. Now after 26 years, I’m in my “next chapter” by opening another division in the Southern California area.

Kix Mag: Any plans to expand Jones Models Management to London?
Mister Jones: I never thought I would ever expand Jones Model & Talent Mgmt out of New York. However, now, I’m in NY and LA. So I can never say “never”. Who knows, my “third chapter” may be in Europe. I do plan on visiting Great Britain soon, as to acquire more clients for the agency.

Kix Mag: Who is your favourite designer?
Mister Jones: I have to say I’m “old school”, as I love Fendi, Largerfeld, YSL and Gaultier. However, there are a few local designers I do love; Underwood NY in New York and Gator Girl from Los Angeles.

Kix Mag: Who is your favourite runway model and why?
Mister Jones: I have a few favs: Iman, Naomi and Beverly Johnson for the females. I love the icons that paved the way for others. As for recent models, I do love Cisely Lopez.


Kix Mag: Mister Jones, are you a hip hop fan?
Mister Jones: I started when and where Hip Hop was born, NYC, so of course I’m a hip hop fan. Now, I’m a constant listener to Hip-Hop? I’m more of a techno/house music fan, as I love to dance.

Kix Mag: What's the most important technique a photographer must understand?
Mister Jones: Since I started when photographers were using 35mm film and I have learned how to develop film, I learned by the two most important things a photographer should know is lighting and angles. No matter what production of styling and makeup, if a photographer doesn’t know how to light or know the right angles, that photographer should give up photography.

Kix Mag: What do you look at in an individual when searching for potential?
Mister Jones: Jones Model & Talent Management represent various models, but the overall thing every model and/or talent must have is personality and charisma. If a model isn’t personable and don’t have the ability to draw a client/customer into them, it will be harder to book them.

Kix Mag: What business advice can you offer young business starters?
Mister Jones: Make sure anything that you do you have a passion for and you’re not doing it just for the money. If a person is just looking to make a quick buck, it would be ready to get a regular job. A business owner must have dedication and know that any success isn’t overnight or tomorrow night. It will take time, but with the right amount of effort, investment and marketing, the business will eventually become successful.

Kix Mag: Websites, special announcements, and what can we expect for 2013/2014?
Mister Jones: (agency site), (photography site), And we can be followed on all the social networks; fb/twitter/instagram/tumblr/pinterest @jonesmodels

Kix Mag: How do you get your KIX?
Mister Jones: I now get my KIX by going to The Grove in LA and getting a banana split from Bennett’s or climbing Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.

Kix Mag: Thanks for this interview and wish you all the success in the future.


Words by Joshua Cooper

Konstantina Mahlia's KARMA bracelets given out at the Golden Globe Awards 2013

The very talented writer, poet, thinker and jewelry designer, KonstantinaMahlia, whom we interviewed for our careers corner section, is stillgrowing from strength to strength. This rare flower, Konstantina, hascreated an extremely beautiful and colourful KARMA bracelet that will begiven out to some equally beautiful and colorful high profile celebritiesduring the 2013 Golden Globe awards. Well done Konstantina!

Tibet Fund Launches The KARMA Bracelet, By Designer Konstantina Mahlia Selected For 2013 Golden Globe Gift For Presenters And Nominees THE GIFT OF "KARMA"


NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2013 / PRNewswire/ --Rinchen Dharlo, President of Tibet Fund and former North American representative to the Dalai Lama and Jewelry Designer Konstantina Mahlia introduce The KARMA bracelet, selected as anexclusive gift for all Presenters and Nominees at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards and will be awarded to high profile friends of Tibet and human rights and is available for purchase to the general public during the monthof January, 2013, in recognition for their commitment to serving others.

The Tibet Fund, established over 30 years ago under the auspices of HisHoliness the Dalai Lama as the primary funding organization for the Tibetans living in exile, joins forces with Jewelry Designer, KonstantinaMahlia, to create the "Karma Mala", a hand-made bracelet mala that symbolizes peace and harmony, to support education programs for the Tibetan Community.

Under the creative direction of Konstantina Mahlia, this bracelet mala hasbeen hand made by Tibetan artisans, living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ten percent of all proceeds from the sale of the special edition KARMA bracelet, a 21-bead mala made of pocked solid wooden beads and silver rondelles on turquoise with red Tibetan silk knotting, will go directly to The Tibet Fund and its education programs, creating new learning and employment opportunities for the Tibetan community.
Your generous purchase will enable the Tibetan community to become moreself-sufficient and will ultimately lead to the long-term sustainability of the Tibetan people, their identity, and culture.
"I created the KARMA Bracelet as part of my 'Silk Road' Collection, beautiful handmade jewels that symbolize the story of the Tibetan Artisans and the trade route opened by Alexander the Great thousands of years ago,"said designer Konstantina Mahlia. "It is my hope that the KARMA bracelet will remind all those who wear it, that the Tibetans are a people under threat, and it is our humanitarian responsibility to unite and help protectthem from obsoletion."
Available as part of The Tibet Fund's "In Service to Others" campaign while supply lasts. There are only 500 in this first edition series.

To Order, please go to: THE KARMA BRACELET, $35.00 (Plus Shipping)
Visit us at


Article by Joshua Cooper

Sophia Johnson - Writer

Decided to think outside the box this time and would like to introduce you to 37 year old Sophia Johnson, who has a background in consultancy, as well as providing advice & guidance working with families and young people.
About 3 years ago she affirmed her decision to get into business and took the 'Leap of faith' of what was her spiritual journey of finding her true purpose. Deciding that she wanted to follow her dreams and aspirations as they motivated her to want to do more as a life coach and philanthropist by supporting individuals to embrace life's experiences and achieve their goals, "As each is a diamonds needing to shine."


"So a year ago, 2012, I started Diamond vision CIC. This company is the foundation of all which I wish to do for others. Working with individuals and communities through events & workshops, to action each positive step intheir lives and have a positive mindset."

She then went on to write her first book which she published in October 2012 called 'Consequences To Success', a self help book with shortmemoirs and messages, enabling others to continue through each life experience with a positive mindset.

Her book which is available here >> is also available on *Amazon*, *Barnes* & *Noble*.
*Questions about the book?* Why not go to the 'Consequences To Success' Facebook page and leave a comment:


"2013 for me is all about networking, travelling, starting new projects within *Diamond Vision C.I.C* in a way that we can provide support to otherorganisations making an impact. I am also doing a book tour and book signings to market my book, and hopefully speak at several events and coaching workshops. Hopefully soon i'll be able to do a second book. Just got to keep focused & keep it moving."

For more info on *Diamond Vision C.I.C* click here:

Words by Pedro Shippuden 

ITF Detectives

Just what does a Private Investigators Job entail?

Neil Buckle Operations Director ITF Detectives


Whatever you have seen on TV or read in books about the life of a P.I forget it. The glamorous side is only for entertainment, the reality is very different. Most P.I’s come from a Law Enforcement or services background and depending on what country you operate in need to be licensed, bonded and insured.

We cover many different cases including Matrimonial Surveillance, Fraud, Brand protection, Missing persons and my own specialty, the recovery of Parental Kidnapped Children.

The one thing above all that you need to be successful is patience and lots of it. Surveillance means 99% boredom seeing and doing nothing mixed with 1% of pure adrenalin when the subject moves or does something that gives you the ‘Money Shot’

So if you have patience, tenacity and love travelling all around the world then the life of a P.I is for you. Many companies offer advice on how to start your training to become a Private Investigator and on a personal note I would not swop this job for anything!

Words by Neil Buckle and Joshua Cooper

Jewellery Design

Kix Mag: Welcome to KIX Magazine Konstantina. It's a pleasure to have you here.
Konstantina: "Thank you. My pleasure."

Kix: I know your a humble person but I have to begin by asking how it felt when a picture of you and your collection, Mahlia, was advertised in New York Times SQ?
Konstantina: To know that your image is up 1000 times real size in the most important advertising location in the world is extremely exciting. That level of excitement can't last, so after a day or so, normalcy returns; at least for me. Then it's, "What's next? "How do you follow up to something like that?

Kix: Tell us about your collection and the inspiration behind it?
Konstantina: It 's an often repeated theme as to why I design jewelry, and I design jewelry because of its longevity, it's permanence, and the way that connects so many of the dots to who you are, what you believe in and moments that are significant in your life.

Kix: Where can it be purchased. Is it retailing in London?
Konstantina: The jewelry is retailing in London at a beautiful shop in Grosvner Mews called CoutureLab

Kix: There's a wonderful picture of the chief of Vogue magazine, Carine Roitfeld at a party wearing Mahlia Collection standing in the middle between Karl Lagerfeld, a world famous fashion designer known for brands Chanel & Fendi, and Valentino Garavani, world famous designer of Valentino. What's the name of the jewelry piece she was wearing in that photograph?
Konstantina: The name of the piece Carine wore is SOCRATES. I had designed another 'skull 'pendant, a momento mori and had named it PLATO. The skull is vey significant element in my designs, because to me the skull is a reminder to live life thoughtfully, fully,and to be cognoscente that your time here is temporal. So the skulls carry names of wise philosophers, to affirm all these associations for me.

Kix: Do you have a favorite poem?
Konstantina: Black as the Night

Kix: What do you prefer. Sunsets or sunrises?
Konstantina: Sunsets

Kix: Have you ever made a wish when you've seen a shooting star?
Konstantina: Of course!

Kix: Are diamonds really a girls best friend?
Konstantina: Not for me , At all.

Kix: Do you have any health tips for a healthy lifestyle?
Konstantina: It's a daily discipline and lifestyle routine to drink lots of water, tea and eat fresh wholesome food.I excercise hard three days a week when I can, as with my travel that's sometimes difficult.


Kix: How do you get your KIX? (Pleasure in life)
Konstantina: Getting outside, getting together with friends, family; reading, listening to music, cooking... and I love to dance.

Words by Joshua Cooper

Wine tourism in Douro Valley

Firstly, let's keeps it simple. If tourism is simply the provision of goods and services that attract tourists, then 'wine tourism' is the same but has the added influence of wine. Wine tourism is not only associated with cellar door wineries, rather all business that are involved in the wine, tourism and associated industries with the wine region. This includes accommodation houses, rural hotels, and tour operators with trips on the River Douro. Gift shops, national parks, restaurants, farms of port wine to visit, wine tastings on the boat. Let's raise glasses of great wines and enjoy every second of our precious life.
It's clear we can focus on attracting tourists to our wine regions in my case to my lovely Douro Valley and improve business and target specific customers to our region.  We integrate wine with quality food in a fantastic way. Food plays an important part in adding to a region's ambience and unique character. . Identifying and consistently delivering a unique wine experience is what we do in Douro Valley.
Flor do Monte Hotel is the right placed in Douro Valley for food and great wines. A visit and a taste in a port wine farm that start producing wine in 1736.

Many innovative products and experiences are being professionally promoted offering tourists an ever-increasing range of options in Douro Valley like: gastronomy days, net walking, sunsets views, thermal waters, networking events, international events fishing, horse riding, golf, trip on the boat in River Douro. 
I raise my full glass of wine to all the wine lovers all over the globe.
Kindest regards from Douro Valley.


Words by Victor Marques

Biao Wang

It is fundamental to understand, implement and nurture guanxi in Chinese business society. However, you really need to visit China to experience and see for yourself. It is also advisable to read some books about China business related topics and work with China business consultants. 

Biao Wang, British Chinese, born in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China, is Founder and CEO of Camellia Universal Ltd (China Business & Investment Advisors). His previous studies and work experience in China have given him a deep understanding of Chinese business culture. It has helped him to establish a stable business and a rich network of relationships. Mr Wang is sensitive enough to judge and tell, from a multi-angle view, China's all-round economic changes and future business trends. He can therefore provide effective and timely business information for Western companies who wish to enter the Chinese market. So far, many world famous companies (some in the 500 Fortune Companies list) and some small and medium enterprises, have been clients of Camellia Universal Ltd. Mr. Wang has become an important speaker, lecturing on China's business culture. His activities in Chinese culture and business events have created significant influence in the UK and Malta. He has been regularly interviewed and reported by the media. Many misunderstandings, negative preconceptions and prejudices about China are often the result of the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. In order to do business in China successfully in China, guanxi (relationship) plays an essential role. Guanxi in China refers to the relationship network between different people or organisations, all of whom support and help each other. The guanxi culture has existed, and penetrated deeply into Chinese business society, for several thousand years.  Guanxi is the intangible asset. It is one of the most important elements to be considered by any foreign business that wants to be successful in the mainland of China.


For more info visit

Words by Biao Wang and Joshua Tree