Ayia Napa 2013 and Summer Love Beach Festival 20th July - 27th July 2013

After the amazing experience we had in Ayia Napa 2012, Cyprus courtesy of "Anthony Melas" a.k.a "A.M Sniper", we had to come back again this year on our own accord to further experience and review the beautiful island had to offer also to attend the biggest urban music beach festival in Europe is held "Summer Love Beach Festival" hosted by DJ Cameo on the 23rd July 2013.

Here's how it went down..
Day 1 (Sunday 21st):
As we finally stepped of an extremely delayed flight from Gatwick Airport (London) to Larnaca Airport (Cyprus) having pretty much lost out on almost a days worth of holiday time, the first thing i noticed was that the intensity of the heat wasn't as bad as last year, which to me was a major, relief.
Upon boarding our 5am shuttle bus for the 40 minute journey to our hotels, the question on our lips was... To sleep, or not to sleep? The sky was already starting to get bright so we decided there was no point in sleeping. After finally checking in and getting settled, the only thing to do next was get some food, chill for a bit then go for a swim.
By 10am we found ourselves poolside with a bottle of Ciroc. "Only in Napa is it ok to drink this early" I told myself anticipating what the night had to offer.
After hours of politicing about life back home while we chilled by the pool and swam in the Anne Maria hotel pool we headed down to the beach for a dip in the Mediterranean sea before doing some food shopping for our self catered apartment.
Eventually night fell, meaning it was time to hit the strip. As we arrived in Napa Square, memories of last year came flooding back making me feel somewhat at home. As we arrived on the main strip it became obvious that Club Ice was the place to be that night so decided to request for press passes, as we partied hard on the street level part of the club where we bumbed in the likes of Bushkin, Saskilla and Dot Rotten. Once the main part of the club located downstairs opened up we headed down to get our stamps, in the main club area we was entertained by no.1 House DJ Mark Radcliffe.
We then headed over to the other main club on the strip called Black & White where Dj Cameo was on the decks doing his thing as MC's such as Saskilla and Kozzie and MC Kaos mashed up the mic. We also bumped into Dj Quincy and Big L from New Money Entertainment. Loving the vibes, we ended up staying until we headed back to our hotels. 


Day 2

As we walked home we found ourselves on a part of the beach near the Anmaria Hotel which two
members of the Kix team Arcangel and Niko also from Water Walker were staying. The skies again
started to get very bright and realised that we were on the verge of witnessing a sunrise.
Having never actually taking the time out to observe this daily phenomenon, we concluded that
there was a first time for everything and sat down on some rocks to witness my first ever sunrise.

Absolutely amazing are the only two words that fully describe the experience. Luckily Trevor
recorded it so it should up on the website by the time you read this.

Considering that we didn't get back to our hotels till about 6/7am, sleep really did feel like a
myth because by 11:30/12noon we were fully awake and ready for another day. First thing on the
agenda like most days was going for a swim to get the blood pumping then get some food.

We then got the word from Dj Cameo and his lovely assistant Jess that there was due to be a pool
party that we should attend. After banging out couple interviews with the Arcangel & Niko Gabriel
from Water Walker, we also interviewed Izzy Locc and and his cousin Cutch-i. Look out for these
interview on the Kix Mag website. Still recovering from the night before, we decided to pass
through the pool party for a short period then spend the rest of the day chilling and preparing
for the big day (Summer Love Beach Festival).

Day 3 (Summer Love Beach Festival)

As today was the day of Dj Cameo's Summer Love Beach Festival we made sure we were up and ready
for the day by 8am. First things first was to head over to Ped and Quad Moto rental company
down the road from our hotel to get some wheels. Trevor and Yinka in the Buggie, Peter and Razor
on the Ped, Arcangel and Niko on the quads. Bike life in full effect. Something that we never got
to do last year due to being driven from place to place by very influential person on the island
called Sammy Napa Don (A.M Sniper's right hand man).

Fee's paid and tanks filled up meant that we were now legally ready to roll. It was at this point
that things really started to get interesting as distance was no longer an issue.

Camera and film equipment all fully charged up we were ready for the main event of the whole
trip. Only thing left to do now was to get wavy so, out came the 1litre bottle of Disaronno
purchased at duty free and wavy is what it got for everyone except for me due to me having to be
on point for the interviews and networking.

Just after 5pm we jumped in and on our vehicles and started making our way to Makronissos Beach,
better known as Kandi Beach.

Once we arrived at Kandi Beach and had sorted out press passes and stuff, we proceeded to lounge
about as the artists did their sound checks. It was finally time to open the gates for the
eagerly awaiting party animals waiting to get in. The Summer Love Beach Festival was about to
start. :D

About an hour into the festival, we finally got our chance to do some interviews. The first
interview was with up and coming RnB singer called Kane. Energy levels amongst beach ravers were
of the chart as they were entertained by performances and DJ sets from Pudgy Figures, Kane,
Fekky, Saskilla, Adam Deacon, Yung Quincy, Dot Rotten, Ms Dynamite, SNiPER, G-FrSH Kozzie,
Dj Cameo with a final crowd moving performance by Tinie Tempah. By the end of the event we had
interviewed Adam Deacon, Dot Rotten, Yung Quincy, Pudgy Figures, Skibbidi and Kozzie.

Interview out the way, it was now time to catch up with the rest of the guys regarding my alcohol
consumption to the point that Trevor literally had to drag me away from the bar towards the end
of the night. Just as the event was about to end we decided to make an early exist but literally
20 seconds after that we started heading towards the exit of the event and ended up getting
caught up in a stampeed as everyone started rushing back to their hotels and appartments to
freshen up for the after party. To be honest it was actually quite funny. Well at least until we
got outside, hoped in our vehicles and realised that Trevor's buggy battery had died because he
had left his indicator on. It took about 30mins to find someone who had a jump lead to get the
buggy started and just like last year we were the last people to leave the compound. Long!

After a quick detour to our hotel, we swung by Niko & Arcangel's hotel "The Anmaria" so we could
all roll to the main strip together only to get there and realise that Niko had been bitten by
something and looked like he was about to calapse. When we asked what bit him, he said he thought
he may have been a spider. Luckily at that moment an ambulance pulled up to help someone else
just a few metres from us. We instantly took him over, explained the situation to the driver who
proceeded to ask if he had travel insurance. You should have seen the look on our face when Niko
informed us that he hadn't taken out any travel insurance. After much debate we put Niko in the
back of the ambulance with Arcangel to supervise knowing that tomorrow was gonna come with a
hefty price tag.

As concerned as we were about Niko, we still found ourselves on route to the main stripfully
gassed and ready for a good night out lol.. As we walked from our vehicles into Napa Square we bumped into Izzy &
Cutch-i who rolled with us for the rest of the night.

Our first stop was at the famous Club Ice where the after party for Summer Love Beach Festival
was taking place. By the time we got there though half of the group including Trevor was missing.
We eventually found and got everyone in. First thing on the agenda was to get the rounds in.

After about an hour Trevor was tapped on the shoulder, he turned round and to his surprise A.M
Sniper was standing there, Upon seeing us the first thing SNiPER did was smile and give us five
free drink tokens butbefore we even had the chance to use them, he had already got a round of
eight drinks in, two being for me and Trevor. We toasted to the good times then proceeded to
shake a leg.

The night turned out really well, and was topped off by the last performance of the day from Ms