Kix Mag is a music, fashion and lifestyle online magazine.
 With years of experience in the industry, Kix Mag gives you the expertise and creative talent that will take your marketing efforts to the next level, which we have evident in our back catalogue.
 Kix Magazine gets it's Kix by helping people with positive talents achieve their full potential, in whichever field their in. How do you get yours?
Kix Mag also gives you the expertise of Music, Fashion, and Lifestyle, providing you info on the latest trends and whats trending.
 We also provide a PR and Marketing service for Artists, Brands and Promotions companies. Our primary objective is to become UK's no.1 Online Magazine agency. We've also been known as a great Agency to provide a Tourism and Travel service to different Festivals around the world including Cyprus and Jamaica. 

 We first started Publishing on our Online Magazine back in 2008, with a few Myspace and Facebook friends around the UK and US. Now we have branched out to the world.


 We have worked with and managed artists in the past by the names of Arcangel (Waterwalker Productions), Young O, JMC, D Jukes, Bam Militi Yung Quincy and The Power Circle.


For all enquiries on advertising contact or call 07889561744


You can see our back catolague here

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